What Do Estate Agents Do?

Estate Agents are licensed professionals who help buyers and sellers navigate the complicated process of buying and selling homes. They have a deep understanding of local real estate markets and can offer insights about how quickly homes sell in a particular neighborhood, whether the market favors buyers or sellers, and how to price a home competitively. They also have a good idea of what repairs are necessary to make a home livable, and can recommend home inspectors that are experienced in working with the type of property being sold.

A buyer’s real estate agent will listen carefully to a client’s wants and needs, and will use their knowledge of the local housing market to locate properties that meet those criteria. They can advise a buyer on what to expect during the closing process, and can negotiate on the buyer’s behalf to get the best possible terms on a purchase. In addition, real Estate Agents Peterborough are familiar with zoning ordinances and can help buyers determine whether their proposed use of a home would be allowed under current city regulations.

For sellers, a real estate agent will help them price their home to attract the most interest from buyers, and can advise on staging the property to show it in its best light. They can also provide information about comparable sales in the area, and work with a mortgage broker to assist a seller in finding financing.

As part of their services, estate agents will usually arrange and supervise property viewings, and take care of all the paperwork involved in a sale. They can also recommend a good surveyor to assess a prospective property. They are also very familiar with the intricacies of home purchase contracts, and will ensure that all documents are signed, sealed and delivered to the appropriate party on time.

When it comes to hiring an estate agent, be sure to interview several candidates before choosing one. Ask for references from past clients, and check online reviews to see what other people have said about their experience. A good agent will be professional, courteous, and respond promptly to all inquiries. It’s also a good idea to attend open houses, as this is a great way to meet agents and get a feel for how they operate. Lastly, be sure to steer clear of agents who are friends or relatives of yours; they may have an ulterior motive for working with you. This is a conflict of interest and can be very problematic.