The Denver to Salt Lake City Train

The Moffat Tunnel was an American industrialist and financier’s dream, and he raised the money for it even before it was completed. When it was completed in 1927, the tunnel provided a direct route between Denver and Salt Lake City. The tunnel was 6.2 miles long and was completed in 1927.

Amtrak’s California Zephyr

Amtrak’s California Zephyr was launched in 1949. The train featured three reclining Vista-Dome coaches, a dormitory, and four sleepers. The train’s logo was a neon drumhead depicting the Golden Gate Bridge. The train was officially dedicated in San Francisco on March 19, 1949. From San Francisco, the train continued west along the Burlington main line and Union Pacific trackage.

The journey from Denver to Salt Lake City takes about a day. The train begins by traveling along the south shore of Great Salt Lake and then crosses the Bonneville Salt Flats. Then, it follows the Colorado River from Winter Park Resort to Ruby Canyon. The train also follows the southern rim of the Book Cliffs in Utah. Afterward, it crosses the Wasatch Mountains, cresting at Soldier Summit. It then descends into the Wasatch Front and arrives in Salt City.

Amtrak’s SilverLeaf service

The Colorado River is a constant sight on the Denver to Salt Lake City train, and the SilverLeaf offers elevated dining. The train also has a lounge car, which features premium alcoholic beverages and additional space inside. The SilverLeaf Plus package adds a lounge car, and you can purchase unlimited drinks and food while traveling.

The train’s SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf trains run on the same rails, but they differ in price and service. The Rocky Mountaineer’s train cars are a bit different from Amtrak’s Superliners, which have a high-tech lounge car that reclines.

Amtrak’s Rocky Mountaineer service

If you’re looking for a unique way to see the West, then the Rocky Mountaineer is the way to go. This Click here train offers comfortable, stationary beds and scenic views along the way. During your journey, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore towns along the way and take in the incredible landscape and wildlife that is unique to this part of the country.

The Rocky Mountaineer has an award-winning reputation for its service, and has won multiple awards for its routes in western Canada. The company has recently expanded its service to the Southwest United States, offering luxury rail travel to Denver and Salt Lake City.

Amtrak’s Moffat Tunnel route

Amtrak’s Moffat Tunnel routes from Denver to Salt Lake City were built to provide an alternative western rail connection. Previously, trains were not able to cross the Continental Divide between Denver and Salt Lake City. The tunnel’s construction was delayed by poor rock deposits, and it took three additional bonds to complete it. The first train passed through the 6.21-mile bore in mid-winter 1928. Amtrak uses the tunnel to transport passengers, as well as freight.

The Moffat Tunnel is the highest point on the Amtrak system, at 9,239 feet. During its peak coal traffic, up to 24 trains would pass through the tunnel each day. The congestion caused a bottleneck that lasted anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes. Now, however, the tunnel is no longer so congested, and most trains do not have to wait for passage through it.