Shaker Cabinets Are a Great Choice For Kitchen Remodeling

Known for their sleek, minimalist designs, shaker doors are a popular choice among homeowners. They are simple and clean and work well with a variety of kitchen styles. They can be painted, stained, or installed frameless. They are a budget friendly option and come in a variety of colors. They are also a popular choice for kitchen remodels.

These doors have a classic, timeless look that has been around for decades. They are made of either real or processed woods. The latter options are usually less expensive than real wood, and they are less susceptible to moisture problems. They are also impact resistant. You can also choose to add a glass panel for visual interest. You can also add decorative hardware for a more ornate look.

A common color for shaker doors is white. However, if you want to make a bold statement, you can choose bold colors. You can pair these doors with other bold designs and colors to create a two-tone kitchen. For example, you can choose a bright white Shaker cabinet and accent it with a sage green countertop. Or, you can choose a bold red or purple door for a two-toned kitchen. You can also choose a door in a bold color to highlight an island or pantry wall.

For a modern look, you can choose shaker doors made of maple or oak. You can also add a glass panel for visual interest to your cabinets. You can use different types of woods to create different color combinations, or you can choose different types of wood grains for each panel. You can also choose a paint finish, such as clear lacquer or vinyl wrap. If you decide to use these options, you’ll need to finish the wood before installing the doors.

If you want to get a traditional Shaker look, you can paint your doors or stain them. However, thisĀ shaker doors option is not the cheapest. You may also have to pay for labor for a 5-piece door, which is more expensive than a single piece door. Then, you have to figure out how to cut the door out of a small area. This can be a time-consuming process. You also have to sand down the edges to remove the paint. This will also leave a small shaker gap, which you may have to fix. You can also choose to install shaker doors on standard hinges.

There are two types of shaker cabinet doors: single-piece and 5-piece. The single-piece type is built from a single piece of wood. You can choose from different wood grains, and you’ll have a smooth finish. The 5-piece type is built from five pieces of wood, each of which requires assembly. These doors are heavier than the single-piece type. You can also choose a higher-quality wood, but it can be more expensive.

If you want a more modern style, you can choose shaker cabinet doors with glass panels. These can be added to farmhouse style cabinets, or you can use them to add visual interest to your dry goods mason jar storage system.