NetSuite Dashboard – The Basics

netsuite dashboard

When you first start using the Netsuite dashboard, you’ll likely be unsure where to begin. There are several ways to customize the layout and add your own portlets, including KPIs, Reports, Statuses, and Portlets. Read on to learn about the basics of using the dashboard. Then, customize the layout by clicking on the options that apply to your organization. After you’ve customized the layout, it’s time to add your portlets.


Netsuite has many different dashboard portlets. Each one displays data from a specific report or saved search. Portlets appear on a dashboard depending on the user’s login role. The ‘Create New’ Button is available for most records and dashboards, and it can be customized with the Personalize function. A dashboard’s content is displayed in Portlets, which are icons or buttons that can be customized.


With the new update to netsuite dashboard examples, the number of portlet icons on the dashboard is reduced. Instead, you’ll see just one icon and a number of relevant reports. The new design optimizes the palette and minimizes the number of tabs, depending on your permissions and role assignments. In addition, you can now customize your KPIs. To learn more, read on! Here are some key features to look for in the new version.


The Netsuite dashboard offers a number of useful features that make the user’s life easier. The Netsuite interface is easy to navigate but can be daunting for inexperienced users. While the Netsuite dashboard provides a great overview of all the data, it may not be possible to join that data in any meaningful way, so the user must rely on the report creation tools to get the information they need.


What are the Statuses of NetSuite Dashboard? The statuses are colored by client, project, and company, and each one represents the overall health of the project. The statuses can be used to help improve strategy and profitability for a project. Depending on the user’s role, the statuses of the projects appear in the navigation portlet. Sales, operations, and finance are also represented. You can also filter a particular status by date, source, and sales rep.


In addition to the standard dashboard, Netsuite offers advanced options for maximizing your dashboard customization. Using the Dashboard, you can easily view important information right on the home page of your Netsuite instance, eliminating the need to navigate through the various tabs. Not only will this help you save time, it will also improve your efficiency and productivity. Here are some examples of advanced customization features for your Netsuite dashboard. Read on to learn more!