Bathroom Makeover on a Time Crunch: Quick Fixes for Instant Impact

Bathroom Makeover on a Time Crunch: Quick Fixes for Instant Impact

While some parts of your bathroom are nonnegotiable (countertops and cabinets, for example), there are many ways to cut costs and get the look you want without a major renovation. Remodeling costs will vary by location, but a well-planned project can keep the total cost under control.

New faucets, shower heads, and lighting Bathroom Remodel Chicago IL fixtures make a big difference. Choose from brass and steel, gleaming chrome, elegant nickel, or dark iron to create the modern, transitional or traditional style you desire.

Changing your vanity, toilet or tub can also have a significant impact on the room’s look. However, this type of project requires bringing in licensed professionals to move pipes and change out the flooring. Likewise, moving light fixtures and adding a fan will add to your expenses.

If you’re working with a tight timeline, consider hiring licensed contractors to complete only the work that is essential. In some cases, this may reduce the overall project cost and save you money by preventing mistakes or expensive delays. For example, a contractor with plumbing and electrical expertise can help avoid costly errors by identifying the correct layout for your new fixtures and ensuring that all pipes are in place for the best possible installation. This may avoid the need to reroute existing water lines or add a new drainpipe, both of which will push your project’s overall budget. Also, by implementing energy-efficient, low-flow toilets and shower heads, you can help to cut your home’s utility bills while saving on electricity and gas use.

If you’re looking for a more permanent way to incorporate green into your bathroom, try adding a wall mural featuring a forest scene or a bathroom backsplash in green tiles. These accents can add personality to the room and are easy to replace if you change your mind about the color scheme in the future. Green also pairs well with a wide range of neutrals, so you can easily experiment with different color schemes without having to repaint your entire bathroom.